Friendship in the city. 

My story about friends in the 1890s.They live in the city. They are probably rich because they can spend time together, play music, have conversations. Enjoy the small tea party. Very interesting to see an old part of Toronto. Says about many things. The beautiful colors of Brick buildings and sidewalks reminding the narration of London by Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, or Honore De Balzac.Those writers not really from the 1890s but still so close. Stories it what I love so much. I showed the story about the friendship between three fellows in the city. What kind of background I can draw? What kind of interests gathered them together? The 1890s is a time of the post-industrial revolution, The Queen Victoria’s era, a time of wars for new colonies, and wars to keep old colonies. Most interesting for me was the challenge to show the time, people, and style of life of those times.

When I made this illustration I made a big file with references. What kind of architecture had the privilege in the city, what kind of dress worn youth. It was a time when Art Nouveau became an icon of design in all parts of life.  Inspired by nature Art Nouveau characterized by long Mediterranean miniature lines and forms, resembling plants. The ornamental motive was preferred. I wanted to give an attitude of the 1890s. In my illustration, I made attention to lines of buildings, peoples, and clouds. The color paletteā€™s choice again belongs to Art Nouveau. Colors are muted and prioritises green and brown. The linework is smooth. I tried to give the effect of old photography.