Storytelling through art is my art statement. The storytelling – this is what I represent to the viewers. I love to Illustrate adventures, historical scenes, different countries’ and cultures’ storytelling. My artworks are scenes from life, like shots. I have the interest to understand why people doing this or that, what is their motivation to have this or that action, their reaction to the different, sometimes unusual, or even fantastic situations in their life. I investigate the relationship between historical and modern events as an invitation to thought and narration. What kind of reaction can have a person to extreme, dangerous, sad, mad, happy moments.  Each of my works is a strong representation of my statement and in every piece, I am strongly following the idea to show a scene as a story.  My style is a strong sense of storytelling and visual creativity, a dramatic representation of the alive scenes that are a reflection of human nature. The stories expressed in my art are a window into the experiences that turns into expressive narrative styling that I am representing to the viewer.