Urban Life. The 1920s

  Metal, Glass and Jazz Jazz era, Roaring 20s, The decade when the sound was introduced to cinematography, known as ‘talkies’. This was the birth time of Mickey Mouse.  The art forms of  Russian avant-garde and surrealism began to emerge and thrive. So many and great things happened in the 1920s. My illustration tells a […]

Urban Life. The 1970s

  Through the rose coloured glasses   The 1970s came to the stage with flowers, rock music, and new visions of life.  The 1970s. In The 1970s – the time of the social revolution, musical revolution, sexual revolution. The traditionalism of the 1950s was kicked out with a new movement – a counterculture. The hippie […]

Urban Life. The 1890s

  Friendship in the city.    My story about friends in the 1890s.They live in the city. They are probably rich because they can spend time together, play music, have conversations. Enjoy the small tea party. Very interesting to see an old part of Toronto. Says about many things. The beautiful colors of Brick buildings […]

Illustration and Concept Art

              Storytelling through art is my art statement. The storytelling – this is what I represent to the viewers. I love to Illustrate adventures, historical scenes, different countries’ and cultures’ storytelling. My artworks are scenes from life, like shots. I have the interest to understand why people doing this or that, what is their motivation to […]

What is Concept Art

What is Concept Art Concept art is used to visualize ideas of what games, cartoons, and movies can make these ideas will be ready for production background. The artist must bring these ideas to life through their artwork. A concept artist has to create new ideas frequently based on certain creative briefs, and the work […]