Metal, Glass and Jazz

Jazz era, Roaring 20s, The decade when the sound was introduced to cinematography, known as ‘talkies’. This was the birth time of Mickey Mouse.  The art forms of  Russian avant-garde and surrealism began to emerge and thrive. So many and great things happened in the 1920s. My illustration tells a story about one of the important parts of human life – music. My illustration about how music has the power and ability to bring joy and friendship. How music lets people forget their differences and opens doors to equality and brings people together. I am talking about Jazz.  

Jazz is magical. Jazz originated in the ghettos made by African Americans.  A mix of reggae, ragtime, blues, and other genres to create a new type of dancing music.  Jazz started to break the border between the same country’s citizens. One part of them was white and one part of them was black. Jazz was the first thing where two parts of one society agreed, proud, and happy,  enjoying beautiful music. The great power of Jazz music did for the first time what people could not do, build a bridge race.  Nobody could stand against the power of beautiful music named Jazz. In my illustration, I tried to give an attitude of the 1920s. Megapolis’s were grown up like mushrooms. Metal, stone, and glasses were the main materials for construction. Jazz and skyscrapers, young people, and metal stairs. I tried to show the combination of the sound of music, heartbeats, and megapolis’ breath.

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