Through the rose coloured glasses


The 1970s came to the stage with flowers, rock music, and new visions of life.  The 1970s. In The 1970s – the time of the social revolution, musical revolution, sexual revolution. The traditionalism of the 1950s was kicked out with a new movement – a counterculture. The hippie movement. Hippies brought a new age of eastern spiritualism and peace after the Vietnam War. New colours, tones, shapes, style of dress, style of life, the new style of social connection. Never was life as borderless as it was in the 1970s. A new colour palette made prioritized eastern traditional colours. Freedom, peace, and love – was the main idea of the 1970s. Friendship in the 1970s was much different from also. The difference between social groups was minimized. Connections were easier to make, through socio-economic and racial borders. The music of the 1970s gave a start for many waves of music.  For example Hip Hop.

         When I did this illustration I every time remembered the hippies’ movement’s symbolism and how hippies’ colour palette represented and supported it. I wanted to give an orientalist impression to my illustration because the Orientalist motive came in 1970s art and design as an explanation of freedom, peace, and love. Just a holiday. The pink tone of the illustration symbolizes the hippies’ vision of the world through rose-colored glasses. The vision of happiness and nirvana that what wanted of the generation of the 1970s.I made the colouring of characters transparent. The transparency symbolizes a non-materialistic, soulful attitude of the generation. 

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